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The 1 Percent Mindset Podcast hosted by Michael Ducille 

Highlights extraordinary entrepreneurs who perform at elite levels based on some of their core principles and beliefs. As an entrepreneur, Micheal Ducille believes success starts from the shoulder down, and it takes a 'mindset' to really achieve any true level of greatness.


The Empowerment Empire Show

By Lisa Schoneville

A company that trains and coaches female entrepreneurs on how to start and launch their own business. As you know, this is something very close to my own heart so I was excited to hear what these two beautiful ladies had to say about how they built a business around their passion. πŸ’™

We explore some common mistakes in the world of entrepreneurship along with a list of top tips to enhance your social media presence βœ…. Plus the do's and don't's of marketing yourself on Facebook πŸ€”

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