Live Like a Business

As our efficiency improves and technology advances, more and more of us are beginning to understand how to generate income effectively without the need for a traditional "9-5". It's a good thing too. With the future of employment being as unpredictable as it has recently been proven to be, many have discovered how to plug themselves into the circulation of money that we see all around us every day. Does it ever cross your mind to think that the people you watch, artists, politicians, business owners, talk about money in millions while you still manage to scrape in $50,000 a year? Take a look around at the physical structures, policies, and systems that we have developed and are maintaining regularly. How much do you think all of that is costing? My point is that there's plenty of money out there for everyone to live well with, just by plugging into the cycle. I've had a lot of great mentors throughout my life. Not all of them intentionally so, but I've learned from their experiences nonetheless. And the most important thing that I can ascertain from all of them is that you have to integrate yourself with the streams of revenue; Live like a business. I can't implore you enough to understand how important it is to know what makes you valuable to other people. Right now, everyone out there has the skills, knowledge, and/or resources to improve lives, and that's all you need to make a living. A job is a very expensive middle man that converts your skills, knowledge, and/or resources into products or services that they can sell. Learn to market yourself for deals instead of employment, and get paid the quality of life that you deserve.