The Best Book You'll Ever Read


Lately, I've been encouraging those around me to really study themselves. As cliche as it is to say, life is a journey; a journey is which very few of us get to choose the destination. Most of us can't even influence the direction we're traveling, much less determine a spot where we want to end up. I pondered on that thought for a while today. In my pondering, I realized that before one can navigate somewhere else, one must know where they are in reference to where they want to be. And the easiest way to find yourself is to retrace your steps from a point of reference. So, I did. I grabbed an old book off the shelf that had never been read or even opened. The book of me, made up of all of the various chapters that tell the story of my life. I began recalling all of the bad decisions that I had made; trying to find out which direction I was trying to go back when I had control of it. It was almost depressing to realize how far away from that I had traveled, and for so long. For a moment, there was hopelessness. The thought occurred to me to just pick a closer destination that wouldn't be too bad. But you get one life. There isn't an opportunity to start from the beginning and reset the clock with the information that you have now, so why settle. The more I explored, the more it hit me. "The only thing that I have to do in this life is make it to where I want to get to." Now that I know exactly where that is, and that my whole existence is based on that journey, I am prepared to make sacrifices for the sake of it. If you take anything away from this, read the chapters in your own life, find a period where you had control, and rediscover exactly where you were headed before you got lost. Embrace your journey, and understand that knowing yourself and traveling the road to your ascension into the being that you picture is the most important thing that you're probably not doing. I know I wasn't... until today.