Ready to Start a Home Based Health and Wellness Business in 2017

written by: LodestoneCS

Whether you’re ready to start a part-time business or make the leap to full-time, this is the best time to start a home based health and wellness business. You’ll be able to get the foundation set up now.

Then in January, you will be able to pick up clients quickly. What does everyone want to do on January 2nd? Get healthier! And you can get the financial freedom and flexibility you desire.

Why A Home Based Business

When you work for someone, you get paid for your time. But who gets the big bucks? The boss. So isn’t it time you become the boss?

When you work out of your house, your expenses will drop. You’re mostly in charge of your own schedule and time. And you will probably have a different wardrobe. Preferably one that doesn’t require dry cleaning.

You will also have the freedom to schedule your time.

How to Start A Home Based Business

When starting out, craft a business plan. This helps you think through who you’re targeting. You also should create a marketing plan that details your sales funnel.

A sales funnel just tells you how you’re capturing leads and nurturing them. For example, if you wanted to be a health coach, you would probably want to narrow down who you’re targeting. Would you want to work with new moms or older men who are trying to get back into shape before retirement?

The better defined your target, the easier it is for you to create your initial product to hook them into your sales funnel.

A personal trainer could offer a free health evaluation. Then they could move the person into purchasing a three-pack of training sessions. Once the client is regularly purchasing training the personal trainer could offer additional items such as vitamins and supplements.

So planning before you start will help you identify the right offerings and the right language when you’re advertising your services.

What Type of Health and Wellness Businesses Are Available?

o Personal Trainer
o Health Coach
o Massage Therapist
o Personal Chef
o And more!

If you feel you have a lot to teach, you can put together training on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare. They can help you sell and market your training to their subscribers.

Some personal trainers have put together online training that people can subscribe to and work out with on a regular basis. In today’s Internet-driven world, you don’t have to go meet someone to work with them. There are many online communication tools such as Skype that will let you be there even when you’re not there physically.

You can also find network marketing companies that allow you to sell their products and keep the profits. The good ones have a lot of support and training to help you with sales and marketing.

It’s important to regularly follow up with your clients no matter what type of business you choose. Some people set up newsletters with helpful tips. You can find free email service providers. Then you write one email and it gets sent to everyone. You can let them know of new services or products that you’re offering.

The Reality of Home Based Businesses

You do have a lot of work. And in the beginning, there will be a lot of hustle. You will also need to track your business expenses carefully. If you document your processes and think in terms of roles rather than tasks, it will be easier to outsource as you grow more successful.

You will want to take the time to regularly update your knowledge. Make sure you set aside time and budget for conferences and training.

Sometimes working from home can get lonely. You may want to find other people who are in a similar business and meet regularly to help each other when you run into problems, get stuck, or have that one customer that’s driving you nuts. Plus, if you have different specialties, you can refer people to one another and help one another.

Above all, when things get tough, focus on your vision of your ideal life and how this is going to get you there. And have fun enjoying your flexibility and financial freedom.

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