When Network Marketing Does Not Work For You


Although network marketing is making a lot of noise right now, this business model has actually been in existence since the 1950s. With the ability to generate income in multiple ways, network marketing has allowed home-based entrepreneurs make a lucrative income. Network marketing is not exactly a new or foreign business concept. Numerous known brands adopt this business model and have been successful.

At a certain point, you may also have been approached by someone to join his team or network marketers or received an invite through a phone call or email. And you probably personally know some people who are quite successful with network marketing. But will this work for you too? And when does network marketing not a good fit for you?

The truth is, network marketing offers an attractive potential for generous income, the flexibility of time and overall freedom.  However, network marketing may not work or cease to work for some people, especially if they suffer from the following pitfalls:


It’s understandable why we all need to work. Work generates income and income allow us to spend on things we need and want. But network marketing may not work for you or even any other endeavor for that matter when you fail to see life beyond it as a work or business. You have become dull, boring and lost your human spark. You failed to become a mother, partner or friend everyone loves you for.

When work sucks your spirit, snap from the trance and step away for a while. Take a vacation, indulge in a hobby or bring back some routine that used to give you more character. Work is important, but your life shouldn’t start and end with work.

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Just from the very word “network” you probably already know that you need to network with people at certain points. It doesn’t mean that you’ll have to keep selling your products or services, but you certainly need to network with others. And to network, you need to talk with people.

Network marketing can only work when you connect with like-minded people. You need to be in a circle where other members are also passionate, compassionate, driven and committed. Like they say, the type of friends you have determines your own character, so if you can’t or won’t bother making that connection, you’re bound to fail at network marketing.

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The business landscape is ever-evolving and you’ll need to adapt in order to move forward. In network marketing, you are required to learn certain things and develop new skills in order to level up your game. If you used to be shy, you need to learn how to be more open and communicative to people. If you’re an expert in a certain field, you need to study the industry or sector of your company.

However, if you’re adamant about your existing skillset and don’t want to learn new ones, network marketing will not work for you. It is highly essential to be open-minded about new things, even criticisms, and use them as tools to build up your character as a marketer.


Finally, you must consider how impactful it is to belong to the right network marketing company. There are numerous established companies using network marketing as a business model, and new ones erupt on a daily basis. How can you be sure you’ve signed up for the right company?

The right network company provides a good level of support, mentoring and assistance. These companies have product and marketing kits you can readily use to launch your career as a network marketer. And most importantly, the right company is transparent about your income and how you earn. The company can readily and explicitly explain and assist in anything that concerns your business or career.

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The immense success of network marketing is enough to drive people to sign up and start selling. However, this is just part of the pie when you decide you want to run your own business as a marketer. If you’re willing to make some sacrifices and overcome the hurdles, you’re already on the right track to success.

With that said, network marketing is still a very promising and lucrative way to earning a lucrative income. The countless success stories of people who made it big are enough to tell us that you can be like them someday too, especially if you make the effort and develop your character.

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