Money-Saving Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms These Holidays


With the holidays up and about, we begin to feel how financially-straining this season is. In between gift-giving, planning out vacations and shopping for the holiday menu, it’s easy to make a huge dent in our finances as we keep the season merry.

While we have all the reasons to be a little generous this season than the rest of the year, we must also remember that we are stewards of the financial blessings we are endowed with. With a few conscious steps, it’s highly possible to enjoy this season while keeping our budgets intact.

1.            SET A HOLIDAY BUDGET

It’s easy to go overboard with your money when you’re faced with all things shining and shimmering. Set a holiday budget before you go shopping to ensure that you’ll spend just within what you can afford. Set a budget for each gift/person, determine how much you want to pay for food on Christmas and New Year’s dinner and plan your vacation a couple of months ahead. With a budget, you’ll be able to spend for the holidays without guilt and damage to your finances.

2.            DO-IT-YOURSELF

One of the most heartfelt and cheap way to “give” someone something during the holidays is to do-it-yourself. You can bake your own cookies and cakes to give to colleague and neighbors, or knit sweaters and bonnets for your niece and nephews. You may even make your own Christmas ornaments if you’re quite crafty and personalize all your gifts. Apart from financial donations, consider volunteering your time and energy to your favorite charity.

3.            KEEP THINGS SIMPLE

The holiday season is an excellent way to bond with family and how you bond doesn’t have to be grand, lavish and expensive. You can establish simple yet cheap traditions for your family, emphasizing the virtue of unity and thanksgiving. For instance, you may opt to serve gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate while watching Christmas movies with the kids. Alternatively, you can schedule a family tour to the neighborhood Christmas village instead of opting for expensive vacations. Make memories count, not the price tag.


You may be prone to spending a little more as the holidays approach. When you’re about to pull out your wallet or add more to your cart -- stop and think. Is this purchase going to add more to the season’s meaning? Too often we believe that the more we spend, the happier we’ll be during the holidays, but it’s not always true. The spiritual meaning of the season is reuniting, loving and giving. We can be happy even if we spend less.

As stay-at-home moms, we’d naturally want to help improve the household’s cash flow and instead of spending, focus on the ways that you can save exerting some concerted effort on our purchasing decisions. The season doesn’t become less joyful and meaningful if we keep an eye on our finances.




Evoni SeiglerComment