3 Telltale Signs That You’re Ready to Start Working and Earning From Home


For some people, working at home can be a radical shift from their traditional corporate job. But for others, especially stay-at-home moms, see this as an opportunity to grow as an individual and entrepreneur. Working at home is indeed a very lucrative venue to gaining more time and freedom while earning a good amount of income.

If you’re about to jump into the wagon and join the growing number of women who have become their own bosses right inside their homes, you first need to determine if you’re ready to take this path. Search within yourself if you have these three important signs.

1.       You Have the Fervent Desire to Have More Time With Family

Many working moms have to deal with “guilt” because they can’t be with family whenever they wanted. Work commands a lot of time in their days, leaving them too tired at night to bond with families. Some working moms decide to give up work to be with their family at home and be able to bond with their spouses, guide their kids and be present for each family member’s needs and accomplishments.

But the thing is, you will lose your part of the household income if you decide to stay at home, right? No! Working at home and running your own business can win you back significant time for your family because you get to decide when you want to work, when to take a break, or even bring your work with you anywhere! You can watch your children play, attend to your husband’s needs and take care of your household while earning.

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2.       You Badly Want to Help With the Household Income

Did it hurt your pocket the last time you went to the grocery? Did you want to buy something last week, but can’t? As a mom, you’re also probably the one juggling and balancing the household income and you know first-hand how prices have gone, and continue to do so.

Working from home presents a viable way to earn a lucrative income that may even surpass your previous 9-5 paycheck. With the extra dollars rolling in, you can save and invest more money, pay down debts and make your way towards financial independence.

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3.       You Want to Become More as  a Person

Being a mother and wife is already a challenge, but one with unfathomable rewards. However, if you feel like you can be a wife, mother and a businesswoman all at the same time, well, indeed you can! Running your own business and becoming your own boss gives you an opportunity to becoming a better person. You can use your talents and skills, develop new ones and network with other people. As you grow your business, you also grow your character and you make an impact not just in your own household, but in other’s lives as well.

If you’re working from home or considering this move, which of these signs are hitting home for you? Do share your insights!

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