3 Reasons to Become a Mompreneur

Moms of today are multi-tasking individuals who no longer have to choose between a career and family, for they can easily have both. If you choose to enterprise and be your own boss at home, you can be both successful professionally and still be there for your family. It’s a dream, it’s the best of both worlds, and it’s also very doable!

We’re no longer at the age of moms simply staying at home and not have a career. The problem is, society also makes us guilty about having a career while leaving the care of children to other people. You know, daycare can solve half the problem, but it’s very different if a mother is hands-on. And many moms want to do both -- you can change baby’s diapers and breastfeed while running a successful business from the small nook at home you now consider an office.

Why Become an Entrepreneur?

When you work for a firm, company, a store or any other establishment, your boss is the businessman/woman, while you’re simply an employee. It’s safe and steady, but it’s also routine. Your activities get confined into a small cubicle. You also don’t get to increase your earnings because whatever you do between your 9-5 job, the pay stays the same. Your boss, on the other hand, gets to enjoy the financial rewards because he’s at the top of the chain.

1. Ability to Make Your Own Decisions

Why don’t we consider this scenario: you build your own business, you become the boss and you earn residual income once that’s business is up and running. You call the shots, make the decisions and enjoy the enormous flexibility while earning income for the household. Whether you want to supplement your husband’s income or have a good source of earnings for your retirement, working at home can prove to be one of your best decisions.

Being an entrepreneur is empowering and highly rewarding, especially for women who choose to take both paths of being mothers and professionals. As a home-based entrepreneur, you get to do the things and make time for activities your previously can’t do when you’re trapped in 9-5 grind.

2. Flexibility of Time

You have the time at your disposal to create three delicious and healthy meals each day instead of ordering take out. You can make room for exercise and socialize with friends even at 2pm on a Tuesday, which certainly don’t happen when you’re working at the office with piles of paper work. You get to shift activities around so you can be there for your kid’s soccer game or ballet recital.

Not to mention taking back those time “me” time for you when you can just curl on the couch, reading a book. How about devoting a few hours each week in your garden. You also get to take those “us” time with your spouse and go on spontaneous date nights and leave without having to worry about the boss who might not approve your vacation leave.

3. Growing Your Business at the Same Time

And while you’re on top of your mommy duties, your business is also earning and growing. You can work while the kids are at school or when they’re asleep. And with the power of network marketing, you continuously make passive income even when you sleep as well. At the start, you will need a small capital and hustle a lot, but once you get the hang of your business, you’ll be able to devise strategies to propel it forward. Like the say, when you start down and small, there’s no way to go but up!

Certainly, there is significant opportunity for earning good income while being your own company’s CEO. And if you’re committed and passionate to it, your home-based income will even surpass your day job earnings. And while this set-up does not happen to everyone, but it can happen to you when you make the choice.

And This is How Entrepreneurship Helps You Make an Income from Home

The first step towards your work at home success is to eliminate that employee mindset. Remember, you chose to become an entrepreneur so that you no longer have to work for others, you’re only working for yourself. You are now the boss and CEO of your company. While you have more responsibilities, you also get to make decisions and enjoy the freedom and flexibility.

Next, you need to harness your best skills and abilities and use them to build your business. Whether you’ve quit day job or want to start working at home from the get-go, you need to capitalize on the most obvious and readily available resource -- yourself; your skills and talent and your time. Thrown in hard work, determination and passion into the mix and you’re good to start building your own company.

Sooner than later, you will start earning a good amount of income that can supplement, replace, even exceed your income from the 9-5 job. You’re finally on the road to financial independence. Looking back, you’ll realize that every thing started with saying “yes” to the opportunity of being your own boss and working from home.

If you don’t start now, you’re delaying your dreams of becoming the wife, mother and entrepreneur you’ve always wanted by the second. You need to act and decide now if you want to build your niche in the business world and itch your name because success doesn’t happen over night. You need to invest yourself into the business and make time for it and it will grow. Everything else will fall into the place and you can start living the kind of life that you desire and deserve.


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