Is Freelancing right for you?

Working from home has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. As jobs become less secure, commercial property becomes more expensive and the internet and other technologies allow us to reach all over the world from our desks, taking control of our own income, and doing it from home, is more practical than it has even been before.

While many people see this, and look around for a way to make that happen for themselves, the options available can be daunting. Whether it is network marketing, teleworking for a company or starting your own business, there seem to be endless options arriving in your inbox every day. But there is another option, freelancing, and it is one that may be right for you, even if it’s an option you have not thought about.

Freelancing is selling your own skills to others, whether individuals or companies, usually on a per project basis. So, if you are a graphic artist, a company may take you on to design a logo and branding, and you do that job at an agreed price. Freelancing has grown rapidly, with several websites built around the concept, one of the main ones,, boasting 25 million registered users for instance. On these sites, jobs are posted by potential employers, and freelancers bid on the projects with the price they will do it for and other relevant information. Payments are made through the site (who take a commission), ensuring fairness and that freelancers do get paid for their work.

That security is welcome, and it is easy to see why such sites are popular, but a freelancer does not necessarily need to use them. Many freelancers approach businesses directly and make contacts in their industry, and build a customer base that way. Many freelancers start on the website route for security and build a business that eventually is able to go direct later. Freelancing is very much about freedom and choice.

But, I here you say, I am not a graphic designer, or a computer programmer, so freelancing is not for me. However, the beauty of freelancing, is that it can apply to almost any skill. Writers, composers, editors, researchers, salespeople, engineers, accountants, buyers, data entry and almost anything else you can think of, there are people doing those jobs freelance. If you have a skill, you can probably work from home freelance doing it.

One of the often-overlooked advantages of freelancing is that it is a way of turning a passion into an income. If you have a particular skill you do as a hobby, it is often possible to turn that into an income. The thing about doing something you really love and are passionate about is that it never feels like work, you can earn great money from home, doing something you would want to do anyway!

Freelancing means opportunity, think of the things you can do, and especially things you love doing, you will probably have a skill that is in demand. Is freelancing right for you? If you want to work from home, it really can be.

Evoni SeiglerComment