Maintaining motivation when working from home

Working from home is great! There, I said it, and it really is great too. There’s no commute to worry about, all those lost hours sat in traffic can be used to do whatever you want, and you work to a schedule you choose, so if you have a school run, errands to do one day, there is no problem, just do it, work around them.

You will have read something similar to that before, and every word is true, but there can be a problem with all that freedom. That problem is motivation. When you have so many distractions, so many other things you can do, getting the work done can become a problem. It’s not a disastrous problem, in fact overcoming such challenges helps us grow, learn about ourselves and become even more determined, but that battle to stay motivated every day and get things done is something everyone who works from home recognizes.

Here are 3 things you can do to make it easier to get that work done:

1. Create a workspace and use it

You don’t need a large house with a separate study, but what can help is having a defined space for work. An area where you can sit down and focus, away from the TV and other distractions. It can be a space on a table, or a cheap desk in the corner of the room if you want,

The reason this works is that your brain gets used to doing certain things in certain spaces, if you sit on the couch to work, it can blur the lines between work and relaxation, and you lose focus and motivation. Having a specific space that you know you work at can help you maintain that focus and motivation.

2. Schedule your day

You can work flexibly from home, and make time for your errands and other responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan your day. Making a schedule for yourself when you work from home can include time to run those errands or visit that relative, whatever is needed, but it also includes your working day. Having it all planned out in advance can really help with motivation and allow you to focus on the work you have to do.

3. Take a break

I know we are talking about being motivated enough to keep working, but sometimes it is important to take a break. One of the mistakes I made in my first few weeks of working from home was to start in the morning and just keep going, thinking I had to get everything done as quickly as possible and could not afford any breaks, putting myself under pressure for no real reason. Now, that sounds like I was incredibly motivated, but the problem is, that kind of behavior is not helpful in the long run. What happened when I worked without breaks, is that I got a lot of work done in the mornings, but without a lunch break I got tired and lost focus very quickly in the afternoons. Motivation or not, we all need to stop, have a bite to eat and take a rest every so often. Make time for a break, and open a window to get some fresh air if possible.

Keeping motivated can be a challenge at times, but by organizing properly, its one you can easily overcome.

Evoni SeiglerComment