3 Techniques to Winning Your First Clients for Your Home-based Business


Your dream of putting up a home-based business, becoming your own boss and working on your own hours is finally becoming a reality. You have an excellent product or service to offer and you’ve mapped out your marketing plan. Now, it’s time to win the business of your clients. But where do you begin?

The real challenge now begins. Getting clients and customers especially for a business startup is the first hurdle in achieving success. But this also gives you the opportunity to build and nurture relationships with your first several clients, who later on, can become your very own marketers. Here are three techniques to start getting clients and growing your business.

1.            Tap Into Your Network and Connections

First and foremost, you have family, friends, and colleagues who can become your very first customers. Before you venture out far and wide, begin with what you already have – your existing connections. This is especially true if you’re running a networking marketing business from home. Consider introducing the product to the people you personally know. These are the very people who can soon give and make referrals and help you establish your core target market.

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2.            Maximize Technology

We are now living in a world where almost everything is just one tap or click away. As a home-based online business owner, it only makes sense that you use the internet to your advantage. First, you can sign up your business up with a Facebook Page or create its very own Twitter and Instagram account. There’s already an existing community on these platforms so it should give your business some substantial exposure.

Next, create a website for your business. A professional-looking website will give your business more credibility and better online presence. Post relevant content and information on your site and link them up to your social media accounts. This way, you’re getting traffic from more than one source and improve your chances of reaching to new customers.

3.            Offer Your Product in Exchange for Something of Value to You

People will not readily do business with you if they’ve only heard of your product or service for the first time. One of the best ways to establish trust with your potential clients is to offer your product or service for free. Provide product samples or offer your services for a limited time and scope in exchange for a testimonial on the website or social media, for instance. This one testimonial can be your stepping stone to getting the word around and arouse interest with other people. If you trust your value proposition enough that it will satisfy your soon-to-be clients, then this technique should be of little risk to you.

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These are just the three first ways that you can win clients for your home-based business. Despite being a startup, you can already leverage some resources that are at your disposal. Start pitching within your inner circle, execute your online marketing plan and pair it up with on-ground marketing efforts. Establish trust, build partnerships and welcome new ideas, and soon enough your business should begin soaring to a higher level. 


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