How to Make Money in 2018: How these Women Earn Money from Home



The advancements in technology now allows for off-site employment, which has opened many opportunities for stay-at-home moms. Although the success rate of working from home is low, this should not discourage you from trying. These women prove that it can be done if you know what you’re doing and you keep working and learning along the way.

1.)    Mandy Rose - Blogger

Mandy started blogging in 2008 as a means of documenting her new life as a parent. After giving birth to her first child, she used her blogging platform to connect with other first-time moms. Fast forward four years later, she attended a conference that changed her blogging mentality. She started monetizing her blog and, in just over a year, she was earning as much as she gets paid for her full time job. At present, she is maintains a blog with her husband.

2.)    Martha Beck- Life Coach

A successful woman life coach who runs her own coaching institute that offers life coach and master coach training. Beck has been providing inspiration, tools and training for empowered living.

3.)    Anna Hoffman- Affiliate Marketer/Blogger

The founder of Traffic Generation Café, Anna Hoffman is not new to the different kinds of strategies to generate traffic. With a strong following that trusts here recommendations, her income comes from promoting affiliate products. She is reportedly making around $5,000 - $10,000 from affiliate marketing.

4.)    Sarah Robin -  Network Marketer

Sarah Robbins was a teacher by profession but came across network marketing during one of the most financially frustrating times of her life. Robbins was able to surpass her teacher's salary withjust her networking business by the end of the year, then encouraged her husband to retire from his landscaping business as well. Now with both time on their hands, they were able to do network marketing full-time, earning six digits.

5.)    Meagan Paullin – Blogger/ Freelance Writer

After losing her job while on paid maternity leave, Meagan took charge of her financial situation by first purchasing books on the basics of blogging. With her experience in marketing and management, she was able to create a business plan and eventually started her website in 2011. She was also doing different online jobs such as freelance writing to make ends meet. In 2013, her website was projected to earn $100,000 a year. 

6.) Erin Joy Henry

Erin Joy Henry is a mother of two, a holistic health entrepreneur, fashion model and now a successful network marketer. She's now enjoying an impressive stream of paychecks through network marketing.

7.)    Mari Smith – Course Creator/ Consultant

Author of several books and dubbed as the “Facebook Queen”, Mari’s expertise in social media and Facebook marketing has gained her both popularity and a healthy bank account. Her online income is generated from doing online courses and consulting jobs as well as selling affiliate marketing. She has been reported to have a monthly revenue of $20,000.

8.)    Sue Anne Dunlevie- Course Creator/ Affiliate Marketer/ Bogger

Sue Ann runs the Successful Blogging website, which aims to help neophyte bloggers to grow their own platforms. A gifted writer, she uses her website to promote affiliate products that include Bluehost and WP Engine among others. She also offers online courses to those who are interested in growing their websites.

9.)    Kristi Hines – Freelance Writer

Not all women make money online by selling affiliate products. Kristi is an expert freelance writer, content marketer, and full-time blogger who writes for top notch businesses online. Her main expertise is writing about business and marketing, and is reportedly earning $10,000 - $15,000 a month.

10.) Kim Roach – Internet Marketer

If you are looking for detailed and insightful contents, Kim Roach is a terrific traffic generation expert that can help you build your online business websites. She not only makes money from affiliate products. She also sells her own products herself, which contributes to a stable income while working at home.

11.)   Ali Luke - Writer

When it comes to working online, it helps if you are a skilled and prolific writer. Ali Luke is a regular writer for big time blogs that include Problogger, Copyblogger, and Daily Blog Tips to name a few. Her main source of income is offering her writing services while promoting affiliate products as well as her own products. She is reported to earn $5,000 - $10,000 every month.


Can You Be Like Them?

These are some women who have worked hard and harnessed their skills to work independently at home. This year, there are many ways for you to earn money while staying at home as well. Start by assessing your skills and considering the things that you are good at. Then, consider starting any of these options for making money online.


1.)    Start a Home Business with Direct Sales

If your expertise is on sales and promotion, you can set up a blog or a mini website to start a direct sales home business. There are many popular products that you can sell if you do not have any that you want to sell yourself. 

2.)    Become a Tutor

Having a teaching experience is a bonus, but it also works if you have talent in teaching. There is always a high demand for tutors online for different grade levels and different subjects. You can either find a student who needs it or join websites that offer teaching opportunities online.

3.)    Freelance Writing

If you are a writer with knowledge in marketing or technical topics, there are plenty of opportunities for you online. You can either write for magazines or journals or be a contributor to various websites and blogs.


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