Top 3 Reasons Why Home-based Entrepreneurs Need a Career Coach

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Women, especially mothers, are by nature do-it-yourselfers. Like most moms, you probably want to cook your family’s food, tend to your partner’s needs and do households chores personally. That personal touch is something you can be proud of. But when you endeavor into a business in hopes that it will help contribute to the household income and bring you feelings of reward, some outsider help and perspective could positively impact your career.

Whether you’re an aspiring home-based entrepreneur or are already one, getting a career coach is one of the best decisions you ever make. And here are the top three reasons why:

1.       Personalized Expert Advice

It’s easy to find general professional advice from all over the web and you probably have the full support of your family and friends, but a career coach can help you in so many different levels that others can’t. For one, general advice doesn’t always apply to your unique situation.

Whether you feel lost about crafting your personal brand or struggle in reaching out to your audience, a career coach will listen to you, dissect the situation and help you figure out all the possible solutions and their consequences. It’s easy for some people to churn out advices, but do remember that your situation is unique from others, and hence, personalized advice from a career expert will open up different perspectives.

2.       Guide You in Stepping Out of the Box

You will encounter various struggles in your career that sometimes you feel you’re just plateauing or stagnating in this comfortable place you are in. While it’s convenient to be confined inside your box, being so means you’re not moving forward in your career. You feel safe there, but you’re stuck.

At this point, a career coach will burst that bubble and make you realize that you have so many untapped potentials. For instance, if you fear or resent public speaking, you’re missing out on so many opportunities to network and build partnerships. A career coach can help you realize that this bottleneck is preventing you to grow and expand in your career, then help you craft ways to overcome it. A career coach can provide you with insights and realizations that can bring your professional life to new heights.

3.       Maximize All Your Potentials

Who knew you had to the talent of creating impeccable marketing plans or analyzing customer behavior? You probably don’t know what your other potentials are because you didn’t have the venue or platform to use them, so those skills are left trapped and unexplored. But what if a career coach tells you that you have the eye for great design or the words to throw in a perfect pitch?

All your life, you’ve only been using the talents and skills you know. However, you most likely have other potentials that exist, you just didn’t know they were there or you didn’t have the platform to put them into good use. Good thing, a career coach can help you unlock those potentials and identify the venues where you can use them. You are greater, better, wiser and more talented more than you know, and your coach will help you tap all of your unexplored abilities and put them into good use in your career.

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