The Best Business Mindset for Success Every Entrepreneur Should Have in 2019

Every entrepreneur desires to be successful, but success has remained elusive to some. If you’re making a resolution for next year, you’ve probably included doing everything you can to bring your business to new heights. At least, you already have the initial mindset that makes you successful: the want to become successful. You’re already one step in the right direction. But you should know that it takes a couple more mindset or perspectives to become a successful entrepreneur next year.

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1.       Self-Belief

The first person you need to believe in is yourself. You have to believe that you have the skills and resources to make the business work, and you will. If you’re the first person to doubt your capabilities, you will also always doubt the processes and results. You will become half-hearted in your operations because your mind is clouded with fear. Overcome this apprehension and start putting in more belief in yourself. You have to realize that you can make things happen, not merely wait for them. As they say, if a door is closed, try the windows.

2.       Step out of the Box

Courage is a big word for entrepreneurs. You have to challenge yourself to venture out into the unknown and defy conformity when necessary. Don’t be afraid to be different, to go beyond the usual. Entrepreneurs who know they have something unique to offer have a significant advantage over their competitors. Whether you fail or succeed, keep in mind that it was a learning process. Continue to innovate and being different, and you should be rewarded afterward.

3.       The Growth Mindset

According to the New York Times best-selling author, Guy Kawasaki, if you focus on your limitations, you will never amount to more. However, if you believe that there’s more beyond, then you’re bound to achieve them. The Growth Mindset is all about thinking that there’s more than you can do. It doesn’t stop at a seemingly difficult situation. You have to go past that thinking. This idea is further reinforced by Dr. Carol Dweck, a psychologist from Stanford University. Carol believes that if you want to be successful, you should look at success as a journey rather than a destination. Along the way, as you grow, you will try and learn from your mistakes and strategies.

4.       Get Cozy with the Uncomfortable

Even seasoned entrepreneurs get exposed to uncomfortable things, whether getting interviewed on air, having to speak in public and meeting new personalities. They are successful because they did what they thought were the hardest things, got over them, and found these weren’t as difficult as they thought! If you are engulfed by fear and it holds you back, you’ll never have a way to test your capabilities. Don’t be afraid to try out newer, bolder, more challenging things. In fact, you should be focusing on the hardest things, and once you’re over them, the rest is going to be easy.

5.       There’s Solution A-Z

Like most things in life, not everything in your business will run according to plan. Sometimes, you will get caught off-guard with an incident beyond your control. You can do as much planning as you want, but it will never be as foolproof. Don’t lose heart in times like these. Remember, if plan A doesn’t work, you have plan B, C until Z. Therefore, you will really figure things out, if not on your first try, but perhaps on the next ones.

6.       Laugh at Yourself

Business is a serious matter, but what have you got to lose if you try to be silly once in a while? If something goes awry, solve it and then laugh at it. Not everything in your business has to be perfect to a tee, but you can always learn from your failures and laugh at your mistakes. Spread positivity with your smiles and laughter.


Nobody ever said that running a business is easy, much more if you want to level up the enterprise next year. You need to have the vision, action and the right attitude. As an entrepreneur, you will face various challenges related to running your business, from dealing with customers to coming up with a strategic marketing plan, to every little nitty-gritty detail in between. Your business will demand a lot of your time, energy and focus, as well as every ounce of your patience and understanding. But know this: if you have right mindset and habits today, your business will become fruitful one day.



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