4 Reasons Why Putting Up an Online Business is a Great Idea

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Today, we are more connected than ever. It is now easier to communicate, connect and relate with one another. Technology and digital media have brought about radical changes in society. And if you’re looking to earn more money, you might consider putting up an online business.

Online businesses present a new breed of opportunities to would-be entrepreneurs. And if you’re wondering why you should be putting one up yourself, here are the top reasons.

1.       Wider Reach, Lesser Restrictions

Whereas a physical store serves has a reach within its radius in the vicinity, online businesses have a wider reach. They can go to the next level, even global. With that said, online businesses are so much easier to scale because you are equipped with technology that allows you to reach and serve even more customers.

2.       You Can Start Small

Online businesses eliminate a lot of the requirements that typically come with traditional businesses. You don’t need to buy or lease a commercial building and have a plenty of supply of your products. Most online businesses start small, usually with a website, social media accounts and hosting. From there, you can already start marketing your products and services.

You also don’t need a huge space to hold your inventory. With drop shipping and e-commerce business models, for instance, you only need to request for products from the supplier as orders come in, thus eliminating the need to hold them in stock.

If you’re offering a service, you don’t have to stay in the office 9-5 and wait for clients to come in. They can reach you through phone and email and make appointments seamlessly. An online business allows you to start small and scale as your business grows.

3.       You Can Be Location Independent

Wouldn’t it be so cool to run your store from Spain or answer inquiries from the bathroom? An online business frees you up from being tied to a physical location, store, and office so you can go about your business even while traveling. With the right digital tools, such as a laptop and smartphone, you can basically bring your business and operate it from anywhere.

4.       You Own Your Time

If you understand how restrictive it can be to work the traditional day job schedule, you might find it refreshing to run an online business at the same time take control of your time. As your own boss, you get to set your own working hours. You can sleep until mid-day and start work after lunch, or you might be more productive at night when everyone else is asleep.

If you please, you can take a break at the middle of the week and resume work on the weekends. You can also drop a few non-urgent tasks to attend to more urgent personal ones. Traditional employment and business don’t give you this kind of freedom, but online business can.


Low overheads, time flexibility, and location independence are but just some of the reasons why an online business is indeed an excellent idea. Technology has disrupted the traditional business landscape and now, you can put up your own online business quickly.


Do you want to start an online business? Why or why not?

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