New Years Resolutions for Small Business Owners

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Most of us craft a set of New Year’s resolutions to improve our personal lives. You might have vowed to eat healthier, exercise more often or even sleep better. But it’s also just as a good time to develop your resolutions for your business and professional life so you become even more conscious and aware of every action and decision you make for your brand and company.

If you’re unsure yet of what resolutions to make for your professional life, here are some ideas you can take a leaf off.

1.       Strike a Healthy Work/Life Balance

If you’ve been working too hard the past year that you’ve missed a couple of your family’s milestones, now is the time to break the habit. Sure, every entrepreneur needs to work hard, but without balance, you also neglect some of life’s opportunities, such as seeing your baby walk for the first time or witnessing your son throwing his first pitch. It is also likely that you’ve missed some important things yourself, like spending time with family on vacation without having to worry about your work or business.

This year, strive to strike a balance so you can be there both for your business and your family. Set your priorities and see which you can wiggle around should the schedules clash. Your business is important, but it’s also not healthy to devote ALL your time to it.

2.       Be More Open to Feedback

When you’re overly passionate with what you’re doing, you tend to take a blind eye on things that people say. Although it’s right to stick to what you believe in, it’s also wise to let in some third-party feedback breathe new perspective into your business.

Don’t take feedback as a bash or critic to your ideas. Listen to it, then consider. Don’t think that other people’s feedback as a way to bring you down; take it as an opportunity instead to work on what you can improve on. With a more open mind, you might even thank people for giving you their thoughts.

3.       Engage Better

It is undeniable to being sociable is good for your business. You build networks and expand your reach. You’re giving your brand much better exposure, and you’re reaching out to potential new customers.

If you haven’t been very active on the social media this year, next year, take it up a notch. Devote some time to study the best practices on social media, and explore the best platforms for your business. The best thing about social media management is that you can do it yourself – you can reply to queries, post contents and answer comments. Don’t underestimate the power of social media to your business. It is a useful tool almost all entrepreneurs use, so strive to maximize these platforms for the benefit of your business.

4.       Take Care of Your Health Better

It’s not enough to work hard to run a business. You also need to exercise more, eat healthy and even sleep better. Health is one of those things many entrepreneurs tend to overlook when they’re at the thick of things, only to end up sickly, or worse on a hospital bed on a crucial time for their business.

Next year, develop and follow a health plan so can be a better version of yourself. Craft some gym or workout time even in your busy schedule. Try to prepare your own meals most days so you don’t end up eating greasy food in the cafeteria. Unplug your gadgets a few minutes before bedtime so you can sleep better (and without work emails keeping you up all night!). When you’re healthier, you’re also more productive and efficient at work, and you’ll have the energy to bond with your family at the end of the day.

5.       Plan and Manage Your Finances Better

As an entrepreneur, you understand that the finances are the lifeblood to your business. If you feel like you’ve lacked the effort to manage both your business and personal finance last year, don’t make the same mistake this year.

Schedule an appointment with your accountant and discuss what a year it has been to you financially and what your goals are next year. Develop a comprehensive financial plan and strategize your cashflow. It’s also good if you want to settle some or most of your debts, improve your credit rating and increase your savings. If you don’t have retirement plan in place, it’s about time you start thinking about it too.

6.       Level Up Your Skills and Expertise

A lot of things are demanded from you as an entrepreneur. Not only are you the business owner, sometimes you also play the role of an accountant, marketer, customer service officer, logistician and so on. If you can wear different hats and execute these various roles excellently, then your business should fare very well.

With that said, invest on education next year. Whether it’s taking a masterclass course from a mentor you look up, some short courses in the community college or study online, additional knowledge is a very wise investment for your business.

2019 is going to bring a host of new challenges and opportunities and it’s going to be a great time for your business. Start claiming your success today and work out your plan for a better and successful business year. Cheers to 2019!



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