How to Make Extra Money During the Holidays

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The holidays are a busy season for everyone. Most of us go Christmas shopping, we decorate our homes with bells and trinkets and we plan trips and gathering with family. It may be hard to imagine how to squeeze in the time for hustles that could bring in some extra bucks, but you can! In fact, this season offers bountiful opportunities for money-making.

1.       Offer Services Other People Don’t Have Time to Do

The holidays are a busy season for everyone. In between all those parties, shopping and decorating, other people may no longer have the time to do certain tasks, such as decorating their homes or cooking their meals or cleaning up in time for the gatherings. If you have the energy and extra time to spare, you can offer these services and earn a decent amount.

2.       Rent Out Your Home

If you and your family have decided to spend the holidays elsewhere, you can still make money while enjoying the holidays and with little effort by renting out your home. List your home in sites like AirBnB, clean it up and take pictures of it. Tourists who decide to spend the holidays in your area could find your home an appealing place to stay in, and you’ll earn some money along the way.

3.       Create Crafts and Sell Them

Have a creative juice in your body? Now’s a great season to get your handmade goods in full swing! As people are always looking for beautiful, unique and handcrafted items, you could start taking in orders for decorations, souvenirs and corporate giveaways. You can sell them in online marketplaces, or in person by joining trade fairs and Christmas bazaars.

4.       Child Care

You might think that baby-sitting is only for teens looking for some extra cash. Many parents still prefer the company of an adult or a fellow parent to baby sit their kids, as they go on holiday parties or attend to errands. At this time of the year, many people always have somewhere to go and they need someone to rely on to watch over their young kids while they’re away.

5.       Take Little Odd Jobs

Do you have the knack for making Christmas cards or designing party banners or do mystery shopping? A lot of people need a couple of things done but they just don’t have the extra time to spare for these menial things. You can sign up for micro-jobs sites, set your rate and bid for jobs you can do. At the end of the season, these little odd jobs could amount to something significant.


The holidays are a busy season for all people to the point that many of us need help having something done. This can be the peak season for you to earn more money, whether you rent out your car or home or sell your products or offer some premium services. You might have to hustle for a few weeks, but it the holidays don’t last for long, so make the most out of it.

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