3 Ways to Build Your Homebased Business’ Network Online


We are now living in a connected world, and building a network for your business is one of the first steps you should take after you take off. Whether you’re a new homebased entrepreneur getting her first dibs on online marketing, or a seasoned businesswoman looking for more expansions, there certainly are various networking opportunities online, and most of them are readily available at your disposal.

1.       Use the Social Media

Like most people, you probably already have a Facebook and Twitter account. There’s also a good chance that you’re in Instagram. And yes, a lot of people within your virtual circle could very well become your next customers of business partners. With that said, it’s time to look social media as a platform for personal connections because it can build your business and professional networks as well!

First, build a Facebook page for your business and register your business name as its own Twitter handle. These are simple, basic and zero-cost, so you can get started at it right away. Upload a professional business photo or a high-definition logo then fill up the description page. Once these are all set-up, you can start adding/following people from your own personal account, then post relevant business-related content on these platforms. Even if you start with just a few people, your network could become vast and massive if these accounts are updated with useful and enticing content regularly.

2.       Build Your Business’ Website

In this day and age, a website becomes your business’ directory and it’s important to have one for your homebased enterprise. If you have a knack for the internet, you can easily build your own business website in a few hours just by getting an affordable hosting. But if this intimidates you, you can find someone to develop it for you for a fair price.

Your website can contain the most important information about you and your business. It is here where you can post blogs and contents related to your niche, provide opt-ins for other value-added offerings and display your business information. You can also cross-network the contents of your website with your business social media accounts to gain more exposure and traffic, ultimately increasing the rate of conversion.

Also, your website is an important tool to capture emails of visitors which you can use in the next strategy.

3.       Email Marketing

When it comes to networking online, a person’s email address is the most important contact information. From your website, you can gather visitor email addresses through the subscription bar or opt-in page. When a person gives you his/her email, he/she already has some interest about what you have to offer. How do you keep that interest up? You send that person exclusive email content.

Email feel more personalized and intimate than engaging with a person in social media. With that said, take emails as a way to provide customized information to your website visitors, including but not limited to schedules of new product launches, introduction of new services, promos and other exclusive discounts. These are just some of the best ways to entice your email subscribers to take a look at your product and get them to join your business as partners, referrals and customers.

Starting with just these three platforms – social media, website and email marketing, and harmonizing your online marketing strategy to intertwine these three elements, your business should be on a roll in establishing and enlarging your network.