From Passion to Profit - Inspired Ways to Build Your Startup Business

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Do you have a passion project you’ve been working on at the side and wondered “will I ever make money out of the effort and time creating my products?” Sure, a stable corporate job gives you a sense of security, but if the side project is giving you more happiness, it could also very well replace your day income. That is, if you put the right processes, attitude and perceptions into motion.

Now, here are five inspired ways to start generating profit from the thing you love the most.

1.       Target Market

It is essential to determine a target market before you even launch and start marketing your business. What are you doing and who is going to benefit from it? When you’re able to answer “who” in this question comprehensively, you have already determined your target market. You need to make sure that people are going to be willing to pay for your business, and that starts with targeting your market. Your soon-to-be-business should provide solutions to problems.

2.       Start Networking

Now that you’re essentially starting out a business you can call your own where you’re not just a mere employee, you need to do some legwork. One of the most important processes that you need to do before, during and even after the launching is networking. You have to start building relationships with people, groups and companies who can become your customers, partners, investors and other stakeholders.

3.       Come Up With a Plan

Sooner or later you will have to get down to the nitty-gritty of things: marketing, advertising, distribution, customer service and all the other logistics. You’re most likely to start off as one-person company so it’s important to get the most important aspects of the business down pat. For instance, if you’re a home-based baker, you need to find a great but low-cost way to advertise your products and identify suppliers offering the best deals. Even a small business needs some detailed planning so sit down with your pen and paper or computer and start mapping out the details you need to implement.

4.       Delegate Some Tasks

And most preferably, do it with people who share your passion. As early as now, you need to figure out a way to meet demand when your business starts to pick up. If you’re offering a consultancy or a specialty home-based business, you need to know who can handle appointment setting or following up with the clients where you’re too busy delivering your main business. However, don’t settle for just anyone else. You want to give the job to people who understands who you are, what you and what your visions are; and importantly, those who are just as passionate as you are. This way, you’ll be able to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality and that tasks performed on your behalf are done with your expected standards.

5.       Have Fun, Always

It first started out as fun; after all, you’re doing the thing you’re most passionate about. When business comes full force and you realize how much work you need to do to keep it up, you could soon treat as more of a “work” than a passion project. The fun side loses its appeal. Make sure to rekindle the love affair with your passion project and look at it beyond the numbers. Bring back the passion and keep pushing on.


If you’re still wondering if you can earn from your passion, the answer is a resounding “yes!” A lot of businesses have started out this way. While you have to remember that you can’t just count on passion alone to get your venture off the ground, it’s a solid start. Also, be open to exploring new opportunities and identify ways to grow, and you could very well start earning from what you do best.

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