Top 5 Mom Qualities That Make Them Excellent Entrepreneurs


Raising children and nurturing a family is already a tall order for a woman, partner and mother. Then, why do studies show that women also make successful entrepreneurs? Isn’t raising a family more than enough responsibility for one mother?

You’d be surprised to know that mothers actually have the business acumen to run a successful company. In fact, according to studies by Dow Jones and Kaufmann, ventures that are run and backed by women are launched with one-thirds of start-up less capital and produce 12% higher revenues than those started and ran by men.

Here are the top 5 qualities most mothers possess that make them excellent entrepreneurs:

1.       Moms Thrive Under Pressure

Launching and running a business has so many requirements – from the logistics, marketing details, inventory and everything else in between. Their business checklists are a balancing act, and these are roughly similar to the way moms create a budget, track their expenses, grocery lists, bills payments and so much more. Suffice to say, moms experience in running a household taught them to thrive under pressure even when they’re running their own businesses.

2.       Moms are Natural Networkers

It is probably mother’s instincts to share, so whenever they find a product or service they like, they can’t help but share it with others. When you place this attitude and character into the business context, you’ll find that moms are actually natural networkers in this sense. Moms are exposed to different kinds of people, from their kids’ school teachers, fellow parents at school and soccer practice, their kids’ dentist and pedia and so on. It is natural for many moms to get themselves out there, so connecting with most people is not so new to them.

3.       Moms are Firm in their Passion

If you’ve met a mother who’s fiercely devoted to a certain brand or product type, you’ll also see how passion runs through her veins. For instance, moms who are patrons of organic personal products are less likely to buy synthetic ones, and often, they’re adamant with such decision. So when a mother builds a business around something she is so very passionate about, other characters like devotion, commitment and discipline will follow.

4.       Multi-Tasking Experts

Inside the household, moms make coffee while sweeping the floor and listening to the news. Sometimes, they consume podcasts while putting the baby to sleep. They make healthy dinners while tidying up the entire place. Sounds like too much? Yes, it could be for you. But once you become a mom, you want everything done, even if that means doing everything all at once. That’s why when moms become their own bosses, they also tend to multi-task. They prepare their taxes while talking to clients. They make sure that their work and home schedules don’t mess up, and when that happens, moms are quick to respond and adapt.

5.       Moms are Great at Negotiations

If you’ve seen your mom haggle prices at a flea market or thrift shop and saw the vendor give in, you’re probably left to wonder how that happens? Well, the thing is, most moms have the natural ability to negotiate. When they bring this character into their venture, it is often easy for them to strike a good deal with their suppliers, clients and other business stakeholders. In and out of the house, moms negotiate on a daily basis, so don’t be surprised when they become expert negotiators even in business.


Moms have the incredible abilities to run and manage a business. So if you’re a mom and have doubted yourself if you’ll ever make a name with your own business, let your household experiences teach and hone you. You’ll soon realize that you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

Evoni SeiglerComment