4 Ways You’re Wasting Time Working on Your Business

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Sad but true, many entrepreneurs can say they have mastered the art of not using time to their advantage. It is one of the many assets that most of us don’t realize we have – time. And yet, we are quick on dismissing it as a non-factor when in fact, a successful business person knows that time is one of the topmost valuable things you should be conscious of.

To help you figure out the unhealthy habits you have been doing that may sabotage the success of your business, here are ways you may have been wasting your time.  

1.)    Reading Generic Self-Help Books and Using it as Pattern for your Own Success

Many gurus and influencers have recently offered their help to maximize your chances of succeeding in your business. This is all great until you realize their path to success is not necessarily same as yours. Reading and asking help is great to give you ideas on how to improve or do things better. After all, if you choose the right people, they may have good advice that you can actually use.

You are wasting your time, however, if you adhere to advice and lose your sense of self as an entrepreneur. Do not forget that the most successful businesses are products of going against the tide and trying to do things differently. If reading generic help books makes you lose sight of your creativity, then you may have been wasting your time all along.  

2.)    Not Having a Concrete Plan

In connection to the points mentioned above, most people fall into the trap of following instead of leading are those who don’t have a concrete plan to begin with. You must be clear about your vision as a business owner and be confident enough to push through with your plan when it is benefiting you.

Take note, however, that having a concrete plan does not mean you should not have a plan B – plan Z. In fact, most successful businesses have gone through trials and errors along the way. Having a concrete plan means foreseeing possible failures and addressing them while staying true to your vision and goal.

3.)    Not Taking Chances

As with most things in life, being afraid to take chances will lead you nowhere. You are wasting your time if you stick to the tried and tested route, which may have been overused by the people before you.

Taking chances does not provide safety or insurance but, in most cases, it is the less travelled path that gives most benefits and rewards. If it does not work out, having plan B-Z will help you bounce back. Do not waste your time being safe. Go out and make things happen by taking a leap of faith.

4.)    Associating With the ‘Wrong’ People

Surround yourself with business people who have the same values, priorities, and drive as yours. Do not waste your time with entrepreneurs who don’t walk the talk. You want to be surrounded and influenced by professionals who provide you with the right challenge to do the work. More importantly, you want to be inspired by people who use their time wisely so that they have a good balance between work and personal life.


Are you wasting your time on any of these things? 

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