Interview with Angelica Little: The Journey of Transforming Women's Lives


Angelica Little wears the hat of a wife, mother and a Goal Doula. She’s on a mission to help fellow women have a momentous birthing experiences in their life, and it’s a calling she has answered to passionately for the past several years.

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Encountering Challenges

A goal doula’s role is to help women birth their goals. As a coach, Mrs. Little provides physical support, emotional guidance and mindset guidance. However, she admits that some women feel they do need support but are less willing to employ it from another individual.

Each client has unique dreams and finding a coach who respects how they want to birth their life is essential to establishing good relationships with her clients. A client needs to trust her goal doula. 

Changing a negative mindset into a positive one is the first major roadblock she meets in some of her clients. But once a client changes perspective and see things in a whole new light, those challenges transform into positive change.

Enjoying the Fulfillment

As a coaching professional, Mrs. Little derives fulfillment from seeing the positive impacts of her services towards her clients. She taps into her inner passion to help, coach and provide support so that her clients experience a positive turn in life. The opportunity to play this important role in the lives of other women has given her an inner form of fulfillment. She sees her client’s life change and become better because of her services – she knows she’s doing a good job.

In this interview, Mrs. Little tells us more about her journey towards becoming a goal doula and how this job has turned lives around – hers and of other women.

Tell us about yourself and how you became a doula.

My name is Angelica Little. I am a wife of 6 years and a new baby boy. I reside in Louisville Ky and I am from St. Louis Missouri. I was inspired to name myself a Goal Doula after I birthed my son. I discovered what a doula did and realized I did that often with women when it came to their goals.

What are the challenges in working in this kind of industry?

Working in the coaching industry is one of uniqueness. You are working with people who desire change and are ready to do the work. That’s where I come in. I guide them on what work to do. Sometimes I meet people who have discovered they have a need for my coaching but don’t have the mindset to facilitate that change through my services. This can become a challenge. First as an entrepreneur, you must have clients to get paid. If you have people that don’t want to pay you’ve got to find people who are. This is where business development plays a huge key. Getting educated on how to discover and reach your niche market is how you discover such a challenge.

I have had the opportunity to coach a young single mother who was ready to face her negative thinking head on. Through our coaching session I provided her with tools she could apply to experience change. Once she put them to use she discovered the joy of a new mindset which led to new habits. Ultimately, she created a new life for herself. 

How did being a doula change your life?

Being a Goal Doula has changed my life in the sense that I feel fulfilled. Your purpose feels good when you tap into it.  

What are the coaching strategies or perspectives as a goal doula that you believe bring the best results to your clients?

 My perspective as a Goal Doula is to understand the birthing process of goals, desires and dreams. Patience is a must so helping my clients develop patience through coaching is something I have found really helps.

What's the most rewarding part of being a doula?

The most rewarding part of being a goal doula is watching your client apply the practical tips and strategies you have provided. When I see their mindsets, and habits change their lives change. That’s how I know I have done my job.

What are your approaches to growing your business?

My approach to growing my business is consistent exposure and value sharing. Live videos are my niche because it allows people to see who I am and pick up on my personality. 

What are your career goals in the next few years?

My goals for the next few years is to build a network for women to become whole. This will aid women in creating their best lives!!! 

How to contact you?

The best way to contact me is by emailing . 

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