Stay-at-home Moms with Profitable Businesses and How They Do It

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Working from home can seem a little out of the ordinary, but more and more people, especially women and mothers are discovering and enjoying of having their own home based business. Like any other enterprise, running a successful and profitable home based business needs careful planning and a solid foundation.

1.       Start With Your Passion

The first thing you need to capitalize on when starting a home based business is your passion. Fortunately, passion is free and comes innate with you. You just have to tap into it and explore the possibilities of monetizing from it.

Take for instance the owner of, Julie Aigner Clark, who was deeply interested in teaching her children a variety of subjects, including literature, music and arts. She invested in this passion and went ahead in creating her own line of educational products, encompassing a range of books, audio CDs and videos to help other mothers teach their young kids. The company was worth $25 million dollars five years since the establishment, which later on was bought by Disney. This just goes to prove that you can go from passion to million.

2.       Learn to Market From Home

Home based entrepreneurs need to learn how to do almost everything right from their home fronts. You do not need to physically go out and offer your products and services to potential customers. At this day and age, digital marketing has dominated the marketing landscape, and one that you can do from zero to little cost.

Norajne, a brand name for handmade rubber stamps, has been selling exclusively from Etsy since 2008. Its owner, Mollie Walton, soon became one of the highest earners from the site. You can do a similar approach by putting up an Etsy site, setting up a Facebook business page or even sell at the FB Marketplace. You can even convert your personal Instagram into business Instagram and start selling from there. If you can use the internet for social sharing and corresponding, you could use it as well to sell your products.

3.       Differentiate Your Products/Service

The market is so diverse that whatever you’re planning to offer, somebody else has probably done it before you. But don’t let competition beat you. Instead, develop and emphasize your product’s unique selling points so that customers are drawn to buy from you.

For instance, Kiesque Liquid Palisade was the brainchild of stay-at-mom Jacqueline Smith. She has always dreamt of putting up her own cosmetic brand and it was her struggle of keeping the perfect manicure while taking care of her young boys that led to the materialization of this dream.

She wanted nice nails, but didn’t have the time to get it done at a salon, so she came up with the idea of liquid painter’s tape made especially for nails. Kiesque has expanded amazingly that the products are now being sold at Sephora and other popular cosmetics stores.


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