The Importance of the Abundance Mindset

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Most of us don’t have perfect lives. We lack in some aspects –  time and freedom, money, ideal relationships, career opportunities and more. But we can be successful and lead happy lives despite what’s missing if we embody and adopt the abundance mindset.


What is the Abundance Mindset?

The Abundance Mindset or Mentality was first coined by Stephen Covey, author of the popular book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This mindset, mantra or paradigm tells us that we have enough resources to lead the life we desire. It’s only a matter of how we see the situation. From the abundant mindset or perspective, what we lack can actually be an opportunity to do more and be more. In the scarcity mindset, you need to compete with other people to grab this opportunity, and if you fail, your life becomes miserable.

Most people like to use air as an excellent example of the abundance mindset. Just because you and I are breathing air, along with all the billions of other people, all at the same time, doesn’t mean there’s not enough air for everybody. We have more than enough and that is the abundance mindset.

Abundance Mindset


Why Is the Abundance Mindset Important?


You Turn What’s Lacking into an Opportunity

Do you think you don’t have enough money to pay for needs and wants? With the abundance mindset, you believe that there is money out there to earn. Instead of wallowing on your cash shortage, your mind is filled with income-generating ideas so you can make and earn more money. It fuels your motivation for financial fulfillment. Whether you currently lack a partner or just lost a job, think of this as an opportunity to reinvent and become a better version of yourself.


You Prefer to Collaborate Instead of Compete

The abundance mentality also teaches you to come up with win-win solutions so that every can benefit. With the scarcity mindset, you have the tendency to be greedy and envious, two characters that can hurt you and other people. Meanwhile, the abundance mindset tells you to connect with like-minded people so you can make this a better world for everybody, not just for you or a few people. You want people to partake in the blessings and feel fulfilled for having the ability to share.


You Focus on the Good and Positive

Your lack of money or ideal career path may be a reality, but when you feel and think abundantly, you refuse to deal with what’s missing and focus on what’s good. You may have lost your job today and feel fearful about not being able to meet the family’s needs, but you also realize that you’ve despised this job for so long and this is an opportunity to pursue a career that more fulfilling and rewarding. You may not have enough money today, but then you focus your thoughts on what you already have and pursue to fill in the gap. You also feel happy for other people’s success instead of envy it, and in turn, use them as inspiration to craft your own path success.


There are so much more to learn about the abundance mindset, but in a nutshell, it teaches you to appreciate, focus, pursue and be more motivated. It eliminates all the negative thoughts in your head and replace them with positive ones, which in turn breed wiser actions and sounder decisions.


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