A Short Interview with a Comic Artist: Finding Success in Our Passion

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Passion is a key ingredient to success in any personal and entrepreneurial undertaking. It is your first zero-cost investment, and it’s innate in you. And if there’s one thing that banking in passion proves to all of us – it’s the fact that working on your passion provides a whole new level of fulfillment.

Take for example husband and wife artist, Yehuda and Maya Devir, who capitalize on their creative passion to make a living. Their passion to create art, depicting their daily life as a couple, has garnered massive recognition with an impressive 3 million followers base and widespread publications from all around the web.

“One of Those Days” – The Art of Our Life

One of Those Days is series of web comics created by the artistic mind of Yehuda Devir. It depicts their married life in the most relatable – sometimes annoying, other times funny and touching. But what the artist wants the readers to see, feel and realize is to “never take anything for granted. It's the small things that make your relationship unique".

An Accidental Start to an Amazing Success

One of Those Days comics did not start out with a solid plan in the beginning, nor did the artist expect to see huge appreciation for his art down the road. It all started out when his wife, Maya, suggested that they put out illustrations that would aid them in finding an apartment in Tel Aviv. The artwork did not just land them an apartment, but also sympathy, warm welcome and praises from so many people. The illustrations sparked inspiration, fun and happiness – all the while keeping a realistic picture of marriage.  

It was soon enough that demand for subsequent comics picked up and the couple realized that this was not going to be just a mere past time. Thankful for their innate passion for art-making, churning out a new comic each week didn’t feel like work.

In this interview, the brain behind One of Those Days tells us more about how this journey began, how it developed along the way and relates their struggles and wins. At the end of the day, the message is loud and clear: working as your own boss is both challenging and exciting, but as long as there’s passion, there’s always something new you can offer.


Tell us about yourself and your company/ how you founded it. 

Me and my wife, Maya, are the founders and creators of "One of those days" comics.

Why did you start this company? What were your inspirations in building this company? 

"One of those days" comics began when we moved to Tel Aviv (Israel) and was looking for an apartment. Maya suggested that I make a fun illustration of us asking our friends help to find a nice apartment (it's very hard in Tel Aviv). The illustration got many people attention and sympathy and now we publish a new illustration every week.

Tell us about your successes and failures in this industry. 

Any positive response to our illustrations Maya and I see it as a success. Enough that we managed to make one person happy for even a second it was worth it. 

On the other hand, I see failures in a positive light. From every failure we learn and improve so that in the end, failure also plays an important role in our success.

Any challenges you’ve had as an entrepreneur and how you overcame these challenges?

The difficulty of being an entrepreneur is that you are your own back. Your successes are only yours, but also your failures are only yours. You have to believe in your work and push forward all the time. If you don't keep creating, you will not have a job.

What advice can you give those starting out in this industry? 

Never give up. Believe in your way and stick to it no matter what other people say.

What are your thoughts about having a solid business plan and reliable coach when starting a business?

It's a little hard for me to say because when Maya and I started working on our comics "One of those days", it was first for pleasure... we didn't plan that it would reach the dimensions it is today. So the comics business plan was made only after the initial success.

What are your company goals in the next few years?

The sky is the limit. Maybe start from an animation series and continue from there :)

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