How to Deal with Family Stress While in the First Year of Your Business

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Entrepreneurs face several challenges, even before, during and right after their business is launched. In between keeping up with inventory, providing excellent customer service, accounting, marketing and executing business strategies, it is also important to remember that you are human and you have relationships.

Sometimes, you also encounter family stress while running the business, especially on your first 365 days as an entrepreneur.

While stress is like a built-in factor when establishing and maintaining a business, there are several ways to manage stress and run a profitable enterprise at the same time.


Get Help

If you are constantly in your office, making sure that everything is in order –from invoices to payrolls to product quality and everything else in between, you probably don’t have much that time for your family. You begin skipping date nights with your wife and miss your children’s recital. Your absence and lack of time could soon breed resentment and frustration between you and your family.

Try to lighten your workload by outsourcing some of your tasks to someone else. You can have quality time during the night if someone answers the phone or does the accounting for you. In that way, you can also become physically and emotionally present for your family, at the same time get the time to bond and relax.

Organize and Prioritize Your Tasks

Both your business and family can demand some or most of your time. Without proper time management, one, or even both of them, is bound to suffer.

Organize your tasks in such a way that it is listed from the most important to the least. Focus on doing the urgent and important ones first, and then slowly go down your list. Don’t try to spread yourself thin by doing things all at once. You need to focus.

As for your family life, create and consult with a schedule. You want to be there on your kid’s first ballet recital or witness your son’s first league game. You want to be the head of the family and the CEO of your business and you wish to do both excellently. The only way to manage your tasks is focus on ones that bring the most value to you. 


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Finally, it is important to get everyone on the same page, whether they are your family or employees. Set realistic expectations and communicate these expectations with them. Discuss problems and come up with solutions together. Wrong assumptions and unmet expectations can quickly turn into stress and resentment.

It is also essential to make a rule with regards family time. Strive to be there physically and emotionally for your family when it’s family time. Don’t try to multi-task at home, when children and your partner are rooting for your attention and presence. At the same time, make it clear to everyone that you’re working certain hours or days and that you wish to focus. Your family should be your strength and inspiration, and you don’t want to strain your relationship because you failed to communicate these with them.


Wearing multiple hats is a tall order for anyone. You wish to be a parent to your children and a partner, at the same time try to run a profitable business. Surviving the first year in your business marks a significant milestone, and this is even more fulfilling when you are able to play your roles quite well.     



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