4 Ways How Going Live On Social Media Can Boost Your Business

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The advances in the internet have been fantastic and incredible over the years. Social media is used to primarily connect with friends and family, but now it has become an instrumental aspect in boosting one’s business. The LIVE feature is one of the best things you can explore and use to your business’ advantage.

If you’re wondering how the live feature can boost your business, here are the ways:

1.       Provide Fresh, Real-time Content

People are naturally curious. They want to get to know you better and what you can offer. The trend on content is ever-evolving, and what people want right now is fresh real-time content. Consider content as food: the fresher, the more delectable. Doing a live streaming of your brand, whether it’s a sneak peek of an upcoming product or event, behind-the-scenes of your production or a simple Q&A session can hook up the audience. Unlike canned content that gets “stale” over time, fresh live content is more appealing.

2.       Promote Engagement with Your Audience

Your live contents over social media don’t have to be very “promotional” all the time. People appreciate helpful contents as well, without hard-selling. For instance, if you’re a life coach, you can talk about common life concerns. You just want to provide help through your talk, at the same time establish your credibility and reputation as a life coach.

If you’re selling skin care products, you can discuss the best practices on skin care. If you’re a violin or piano instructor, you can do a live demo. In live social media, you can basically do anything that relates to your business while providing your audience real value.

3.       Elevate the Level of Customer Service

The traditional ways to perform customer service are through phone calls and emails. You can bring this experience to a new level by providing people with fast, real-time solutions to their concerns. You can address concerns and answer questions by contacting customers live, or vice-versa. If some questions appear quite regularly, you can take note of them and answer them in one session of Frequently Asked Questions.

4.       Cross-Promote Your Brand Between Platforms

Interestingly, you can also create custom URLs for your live streams, such as in the case of Facebook Live. This means that if you have a live video session scheduled for a certain time and day and for a specific topic, you can just copy the link and promote in other platforms like Twitter and Instagram, email and newsletters. This gives you a potential of wider audience reach.

Also, since live videos like that of Facebook live, are retained well after the live session, your audience can still go back to that stream time and again. It’s the perfect deal for those who missed your live session and for people who want to go back to your content for more in-depth learning.


People are nosy and you can take advantage of this characteristic by giving them valuable real-time contents. Going live on social media can benefit your business in many ways, and when utilized properly, can generate a good level of engagement and customer service.


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