5 Important Tips Before Going Live on Your Business Page

5 Important Tips before Going Life on your Business Page.png

Going live on social media is an excellent way to build more reach and engagement for your brand. Fortunately, going live on these platforms is free of charge, so that’s like free marketing if used properly. Additionally, live streams have become more in-demand as a form of content, so going live should give you good leverage in the competition.

If you’re planning to do a live stream on your business page in the very near future, here are the five things you need to do BEFORE.

1.       Promote the Stream Creatively

First, you want to make sure that you’ll have audience when you go live, so promoting the date and time of your live stream is a must. However, your promotion doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Days leading before the live stream, invite your social circle by adding a content of value, whether it’s a text, graphic or short video that’s related to your topic. You want to tease and entice your audience so they also anticipate the live stream.

2.       Make Sure You Have the Right Set-up

Ensure that your connection is good enough for a seamless live stream. Also see to it that you have right lighting, your environment is conducive and that there is no distraction. Test out all these elements at least a couple of times in private before you do the live stream proper.

3.       Nail the Right Timing

 Just as it’s important that you know who your target audience is, it’s also just as essential to get the right time to go live. If your target audience is mainly employed individuals, then it doesn’t make sense to go live at 10 am when they’re most likely at work. It’s also futile to go live at 11pm when they’re likely asleep. There are several analytics systems that you can use to find the best times to interact with your audience, and then take advantage of these times for your live stream.

4.       Make Sure that Your Live Content Offers Value

Your audience comes to your business page because you have something of value to offer to them. When drawing up content for your soon-to-be-live stream, make sure that it is valuable, but offers enough opportunity to promote your brand subtly. For instance, if you’re in the business of diet meals, your live content can be a cooking demo of low-calorie delicious meals. However, if they’re too busy to cook, you can deliver pre-planned meals to their doorsteps. Craft your live content in a way that you offer information, without having to hard sell your brand.

5.       Create an Enticing Call-to-Action

If going live is going to be an integral part of your brand’s marketing tactics, then you must make sure to keep and enhance the level of engagement with your audience. Before you go live, ask yourself this: what would I want my audience to do after the stream? Is it to visit my website and buy my products? Do I want them to like and share my posts? Do I get them to sign up on my newsletter?

You want to nail down beforehand what it is that you want from going live, and then that should be your CTA.


Do you have any tips on how to successfully go live on your business page?



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