3 Essential Yet Simple Ways to Land Your Business’ First Client

3 Essential Yet Simple Ways to Land Your Business’ First Client

When you’ve launched your business, your journey has just started. You aren’t there yet, you haven’t made it yet and you’re still about to prove yourself. You’ve just won only half the battle. Now, the other half can be just a little more complicated and challenging. And the first thing most new entrepreneurs fear or feel apprehensive about at this point is getting the first client.

Let’s just say that landing your very first client is one step closer towards your goals. But this one step can get a little daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. So, if you’re wondering how to get people to pay for your business, here are the ways.

1.       Demonstrate Your Value

It is essential that potential clients see you as an expert, professional or skilled in your field or industry; otherwise, they’ll turn to someone who is. But you’re just getting started, how do you do this? There are plenty of ways to demonstrate your value, by way of providing valuable information in your website or blog, commenting sensibly on social media and joining forums in your niche. Since you are just getting started, these are the first few things you’d want to invest on. Initially, you want to work on your personal branding so that people perceive your business the way it’s meant to be perceived. If you can make them believe that what you have to offer is valuable, then getting that first client is not very far away.

2.       Engage with Your Network

Even if you’ve just launched up, chances are, there are people in your immediate circle who can use your business. What you need to do next is let them you’re in the business and how you can engage with them on a professional level. Don’t underestimate the power of newsletter, social media messaging, and other communication platforms to getting your message across. You’ll never know who among your network can refer you to someone who might want your business, so just keep the lines open.

3.       Be Present in Your Community

It’s essential to market your business aggressively at the first stages, but it’s also just as essential to be present in your community, not just as an entrepreneur but also as an individual. You can never take the entrepreneur away from you, and sometimes, engaging with the community is a key way to scoring clients. Who knew that your son has a teammate in junior soccer whose parents have been looking for a professional like? And you also never know if your next-door neighbor might use your services if you haven’t attended your village summer barbecue. Be pleasant and friendly to everybody at a personal level and they’ll likely to get your business in the professional level.

Landing your first client isn’t as hard as it seems, but it does some conscious effort and investment of time and resources to do it. Once you get your first client, scoring the next ones becomes a little bit easier because you have gained the lessons and insights from experience. So if you think you’re having a hard time scoring clients even with sophisticated strategies, try simplifying things – it could work for you!

Simple Ways to Land Your First Business' Client
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