Running Your Own Business: Selling Yourself First!

So you’re probably thinking: sell myself? Of course you have to sell yourself; remember, you are your business. The products you sell, the services you offer, everything associated with what you do in terms of helming your own business venture, begins and ends with you. It truly is that simple.

Think about it, odds are, you’re not reinventing the wheel, that is to say, you’re most likely selling or offering something that other companies also have. So what makes yours special? Why should they buy from you? The answer: you make the difference! You are the one who’s put their heart and soul into the company, and so while they’re buying your products, they’re also essentially buying you. This is why it is so critical to sell yourself first.


Great, so how do I do that, you’re wondering. There is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to presenting yourself and your company to prospective clients. But here are a few tips to help get you started:

To Sell Yourself – Be Yourself!

This is probably the single best piece of advice I can offer. Especially in today’s digitally pervasive world…Companies need to offer information, not slick sales models; they need to give buyers transparency, not some complicated marketing scheme. The same goes when it comes to presenting yourself. They want to know who you are. They want to feel comfortable with YOU—the real you, not some stylized version putting on a show for their benefit. You do you better than anyone, so show them what you got!

Understand Their Needs and Connect Where Possible

Most likely the people looking at your products/services are doing so because in some ways they are similar to you. You started your company because you were highly interested in what you were selling, so are they! Find that connection and work with it. Consumers love to feel that the person from whom they’re buying truly understands their needs and wants. And if they are purchasing your product, you probably do have a pretty good idea of what those needs are.

Establish Trust

Right along with being yourself and connecting, the goal is to establish a bond of trust with your customers. They want to know that you’re the real deal, that you’re going to be there if an issue arises, if they have questions, if they are unsure about your product. This is after all your company, so you needto stand behind it and in doing so, let the consumer know that they can in fact trust you 100%!

Running your own business can have its ups and downs, but if you always keep in mind that this company is yours, that it pivots around you, and that the users are looking to you to give them direction and guide them in terms of your value proposition…you’ll be just fine.