What the Weekend Looks Like When You Own Your Own Business

We all tend to live for that weekend feeling…and this, consequently, is why we all pray at the alter of Fridays. The daily 9 to 5 grind behind us, we want to escape the drudgery of our workday life and just enjoy the peace and quiet, enjoy our free time in which we no longer have to be that work version of ourselves.


Does this feeling differ when you finally make that move to work from home and be your own boss…Absolutely! In fact, it only gets better. When you own your own business, it’s not about living for the weekend, it’s about structuring your time and balancing tasks and projects throughout the week so that it doesn’t become one enormous pent up stream of emotion and release come Friday. When you own your own business, as long as you do it right and maintain your momentum, everyday becomes sweeter, more enjoyable and far more relaxed. And the weekends…well, just wait and see how good they can truly be!

Here are a few ways that owning your own business can change your view of the weekend!

The Weekends Are No Longer About Cramming in Those Errands

Those requisite trips to the grocery store, dry cleaner, and hair salon are no longer confined to just the weekend days. You’re not trying to be in 16 places at once while still finding a few hours to enjoy the downtime, before you have to face another Monday. You now have the flexibility to go out and shop during the middle of the week—best yet, on like a Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 when absolutely no one else is out. Target becomes yours to roam about freely and peacefully!

Mondays Are No Longer the Enemy

Why do we hate Mondays so…Because Monday represents our transition back into the grind. And of course, no one likes that. But when you have your own company, and when you can truly say you are your own boss, Mondays really aren’t so bad. Again, it’s not like you’re coming off of a weekend that you will not be revisiting for a whole five days, a weekend that you can barely remember because you had so much to get done within the span of just 2 short days. It’s about managing your time, and controlling the flow of your days.

Your Quality Kid Time is Not Just About the Weekend

Among the errands, the cleaning, the household tasks, we also tend to use our weekends off from work for engaging meaningfully with our children. But when you work from home, you have the flexibility to really be there for the kids more frequently. Certainly, we all do the best we can for our children despite what type of work situation we have, but imagine being able to go to all of those soccer games, being able to run to the school when they forgot their homework, or just being there right after school to have a snack and discuss their day with them. A lot of us try and cram this into the weekend—be your own boss and you no longer have to.

Weekends should be about relaxation, family and fun. Often, given all that we try to accomplish, this does not turn out to be the case. But if you begin to take your life back, if you really invest yourself in running your own business, you can get back to what the weekends should really be about.

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